Breathing Room

An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it?

Hmmm.  Am I going to resist the temptation to play with this one?

I can see the room, perhaps you want to know what it looks like before I put my items in it (and perhaps by the time I have described it I will know for sure).

The room is very square, more like a set than an actual room.  The walls are dark purple and red, and sheets hang from the ceiling (the sheets are not my items, they were already there). There are those spotlights on the ceiling like you get in aroma rooms at the gym, like stars with soft light.  The floor is all covered in cushions, silk and velvet and different textures, again purple and deep burgundy. 

There is music playing in the room anyway, so I don’t need to take my Ipod in (I thought I would have).  I can smell musky scents, someone is burning incense somewhere and although I am alone in the room, I can feel lots of other people around; perhaps the house is filled with rooms like this with people like me. I wonder if all the rooms are different. 

Now I see there are fairy lights all along the bottom of the room (I didn’t bring them either so they still don’t count as one of my items).  I sit down with my legs crossed and decide that I do need something to look at, so the room has to have a window with the view of a tree outside whose branches are blowing in the wind to the time of the music.

I think I would like a cat to be with me in the room, it’s nice to sit still with a cat.  I am not sure whether you can really count a cat as an object though, and it could have just came in the window and it could easily leave that way again (you can’t really count a window as an object and the tree is outside of the room).

For my objects, I will take with me a glass of water which refills itself, a book which changes stories every time I go back to the beginning and one of those biscuits that has enough nutrients to keep you going forever and never seems to be finished (because it is a magic room).  I don’t know why, but once I go in the room, I know I will be there for a long time.

It’s your fault – you called it a Breathing Room and this is where it took me.


Mutants and Hybrids: What is the Human Part?

One part human.  What part is human?  What is the defining feature that makes a human being distinct from an animal, distinct from a living organism, distinct from an object made up of matter?

I guess everyone would have chosen either their mind or their head but is your mind really a part?  I am going to picture a hybrid with other human features, because the thought is deliciously funny and thought provoking.

What if I chose to be one part human hand and two parts Iphone?  I wonder what part of the Iphone would be missing, if one part was human hand.  There would be no need for the full human, the Iphone and hand could exist and function perfectly without any other human part.  It could text and search the internet, it could go on Facebook, it could write my posts on WordPress.  Would the hand have a mind though?  Would it be able to function?

What if I chose to be two parts chair and one part human head.  People could come and sit with me for dinner and we could have the most eloquent conversations and eat the most beautiful cooked meals.  I would never have to work, or earn money, or go to the supermarket, or cook.  I would simply wait at the table for someone to join me and they would be so fascinated by their talking chair that they would feed me food and drink and talk to me.  I wonder if they would take me on trips or to dinner at other people’s houses.  I wonder if sometimes we could sit in the garden and have lunch al fresco.  I wonder if they would wash my hair and if the hair would still grow.  Would my lips get chapped?  Would they put makeup on me if I asked kindly enough?  I wonder if anyone would sit on me and whether I would feel it, or if it would only be my nose that would hurt if it was squashed.

What if I chose to be two parts tree and one part human heart.  Would I feel love and sadness and pain and never be able to express it?  Would I mourn the branches that fell off and the leaves that died?  Would I appreciate the beauty of my leaves as they turn orange and dance in the air to the ground?  Would I feel the fresh wind and feel at peace?  Would I feel affection for my neighbouring trees and plants?  Would I be grateful for the wind and the rain that seeped into my bark and made me grow taller, would I be thankful for the sun for keeping me alive?  Would I wonder at the graceful flight of the birds all around me and marvel at the blue sky and fluffy clouds? Would I look at the tree growing next to me, spawned from my own seed, would I feel love for it, would I feel pride? Would I spend hours contemplating who made me and how I got to be a tree?



What part is the human part of me?

Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line

The one thing that I promised myself years ago was that no matter what was happening and how difficult it might be, if I am not happy I change it.  This is something I apply to relationships, to homes, to jobs, to lifestyle choices.  It is not quite so simple in practice as it is in theory, some of the people I have had to leave, some of the things I have done, have not been easy.  Giving up my job and leaving my friends and family to travel to the other side of the world with no idea how long I might be away or what I might do was one of the hardest but most rewarding experiences of my life.  Leaving someone I still loved deeply when I was a young girl was like removing a part of myself (which I never got back) but it was necessary because I was unhappy and I know now that it was the right decision however long it took me to be ok again.

I have been home for a year now and I promise myself still that if I am truly unhappy, I will do the same again and leave whatever I need to be happy.  I am not saying I make these decisions over night, a lot of deliberating about what it is exactly that needs to be changed and how I will go about doing it is always necessary, but worth it in the end.

The other things I live by are being true to myself, however difficult and lonely that is at times.  I have chosen a different kind of life and at the moment I am not able to share it with everyone in the way I would like to.  I spent many unhappy years trying to be like everyone else, trying to fit in, trying to want the things you are supposed to, but I learned that I would never be happy that way and started learning and creating the person I really wanted to be, I am still in that process right now, but it feels right.  I am not likely to settle down with a husband and a family any time soon, although that is what most of my friends are doing at this age.  They think I am just waiting on the right man coming along.  They don’t know that actually I am not waiting on anything, I am working relentlessly trying to build the kind of life I want to live, trying to create something great and even if I don’t succeed, I am being true to myself and what I really want to do and that makes me happy.