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Grids make good frames.


Monochromatic, dramatic sunset

In the middle of the Queensland Outback just at the Northern Territory border is a little fuel stop called Camooweal.  It was some experience working there in a bar for 8 weeks that felt like 8 months, but one thing is for sure, I have never seen sunsets like the ones there, before or after.  This part of Australia is covered in red dust and when the sun set, it was like the very air turned red.



Wall: Bangkok

Bangkok Wall

This was a mural in the middle of a park in the centre of Bangkok.  It was part of the celebrations for the King’s Birthday which was the day I arrived in Thailand for the first time.  They were all very enthusiastic about the King’s birthday and there were pictures of him in most of the shops.  I like the randomness of the wall and the pleasant irony of me taking a picture of people taking pictures of people in pictures.  Thailand is very random like that.