Monday Inspiration


I love this. The most liberating thing I ever realised is that I am human and that means I will always be flawed, but it’s ok, cause I can be pretty awesome too. Flawesome.



Monday Inspiration

I was trying (rather unsuccessfully) to explain to someone who doesn’t really believe in a soul, what I think it is. It is not very easy to put into words, but it has inspired my Monday inspiration post.

I don’t think this is all a soul is, but it’s a start.


Feel free to share what you think a soul is, maybe you’ll be better at describing it than I am. All I will say is, I know I have one. And it is the only reason I behave.

Monday Inspiration

Whatever I might think about where the words for this book came from, they totally make sense and this is what I am striving for.


Do not choose power over, but power with. And do not choose fame as and end in itself, but as a means to a larger end. And do not choose success at the expense of others, but as a tool with which to assist others. And do not choose winning at any cost, but winning that costs others nothing, and even brings them gain as well.

Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch

Monday Inspiration: Be a rascal!



Inspired by the awesome Alan Watts and his book, ‘You’re It,’ today’s Monday inspiration is about embracing your inner rascal. Too many of us spend so much time trying to be righteous and good (myself included these days) that we forget that is not the true essence of what human beings are. There is absolutely nothing wrong with’the irreducible element of rascality’ present in any honest human being. Watts used it to describe Carl Jung after he met him. What it means is, don’t forget that we are flawed, and that that is absolutely ok – but be playful with it.