Solitude is one of my favourite things. Taking a few days of annual leave, I went a drive up to Perth on my own and had a peaceful time surrounded by the serenity of the Scottish countryside. There is so much beauty in this country, I am so grateful I live here. Here is one of the photos I took driving along Loch Tay, it took my breath away.



Solitude #1

Here is my review of La La Land – “Here’s to the ones who dream”

La La Land is a modern musical that aims to bring the romance of the classic Hollywood of the 1950s and plant it smack bang in the middle of 21st century LA. It is a courageous attempt to marry old and new Hollywood in one film. That is no mean feat, but it does pull…

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Head Down – poem

I have a guest blogger today. A friend since we were kids, John married my best friend, and writes his beautiful wife poems every year on Mother’s Day. He decided to write a poem recently just for the hell of it and I decided to post it today for the very same reason. I really like it, it’s a thoughtful snapshot of modern life. Any ideas for a title? I think Head Down.


Shallow slumber lying tight,

waiting for the morning light.

Never beaten by the clock,

always rising early.


Outside the city never sleeps,

always busy, jobs to keep.

Looking over buildings far,

another day has dawned.


Getting clothes on, rushing fast.

Yesterday now in the past.

Must be punctual, can’t be late.

The wolf’s already at the gate.


Headphones in, always walking.

Head down, never talking.

Who’s the stranger keeping pace?

Never again to see his face.

A friend you’ll never know.


On the train you fall asleep,

laptop leaning at your feet.

On and off the punters hop,

dare not miss their precious stop.


Now in the office at your post,

working hard so you can boast.

A meagre wage to live.

Screen is blinding, boss is whining.

So much pressure, but no complaining.

Sick of all the smirking smiles,

No one ever happy.


Five o’clock is much relief,

time to hit the busy streets.

Headphones in, always walking.

Head down, never talking.

Monday Inspiration

I was trying (rather unsuccessfully) to explain to someone who doesn’t really believe in a soul, what I think it is. It is not very easy to put into words, but it has inspired my Monday inspiration post.

I don’t think this is all a soul is, but it’s a start.


Feel free to share what you think a soul is, maybe you’ll be better at describing it than I am. All I will say is, I know I have one. And it is the only reason I behave.